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Find the Exclusive Liquid Metal Collection by Sergio Gutierrez at

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Company News | 1 comment

Sergio Gutierrez Liuid Metal Bracelet Blog 150x150 Find the Exclusive Liquid Metal Collection by Sergio Gutierrez at

Sergio Gutierrez Liuid Metal Bracelet

Ever had a favorite pair of shoes?  How about a favorite shirt or even a handbag that you adore?  Well be prepared to fall in love with your favorite piece of jewelry whether it’s one of the bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings; the SG Liquid Metal Jewelry Collection is sure to move your current everyday jewelry to the back burner.  This jewelry is brilliantly designed by a Columbian Engineer, Sergio Gutierrez. 

With the mesh like ball chain material, and the unique patterns of the nickel that lays over the mesh material; the perfect collection of fine silver jewelry was created; Liquid Metal Collection by SG.  This jewelry is revolutionary, it adds spice to your closet and it can be worn on any occasion imaginable.  Picture a Congresswoman at an upscale gala with the beautiful SG signature Liquid Metal bracelet on her arm with the most beautiful evening gown.  Now think of a Rock Star who dresses black leather biker clothes sporting the cool ball chain mesh bracelet.  Even a School Teacher who wears more of the business casual look, such as a nice cardigan sweater and dress pants wearing the comfortable mesh bracelet.  Each of these looks can be accomplished with the interchangeable stylish Liquid Metal jewelry.

Not only does this jewelry provide a diverse style, it is incredibly comfortable, in fact it is so comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing it.  For luxurious comfort and eye catching appeal, The Liquid Metal Collection by Sergio Gutierrez is quite the upgrade to your beautiful jewelry box.

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Keep Positive Energy with Religious Candles

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Religious Candles | 1 comment

Religious Candles 8 Inches San Miguel Arcangel  74599 zoom 150x150 Keep Positive Energy with Religious Candles

San Miguel Archangel

Starting the day with prayer and ending the day with prayer keeps a peaceful soul, a pure heart and a worry-less mind.  Many religious sanctuaries and people use religious candles while they pray.  They help create a serene atmosphere, this helps to have a clear mind while praying.  Religious candles have many meanings, but they are all the perfect asset to your praying.

The blue religious candle symbolizes wisdom and peace, when praying for wisdom and God will make it easier to understand situations and will make it easier for you to handle them.  The white religious candle represents health, purity, cleanliness and truth; when you come to God with a request to maintain your health and to keep you on a clean and narrow path the white candle is a great symbol of prayer.  The red candle symbolizes love and energy, when setting the tone for everlasting love, after a honeymoon or just asking God to always keep you in good arms and to provide you with comforting shoulders for your loved ones to lean on; the red color sets the tone for such.  The yellow religious candle means success, creativity and concentration; this brings good fortune with hard work.

There are also many religious saints that cover the candles, they represent many points of faith as well.  For instance, the San Miguel Arcangel, commonly referred to as the defender of the dying, is known as the conqueror of Lucifer, and/or the guardian of the church, is one of the seven archangels spoken highly of in the Bible. The Powerful Hand Candle symbolizes belief that you are always protected.  Each of the many candles have different meanings, and they all encourage a positive faith.

Nevertheless, these religious candles are imported from Mexico with unique artwork, they are a great source of positive energy and they make beautiful home decors.

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Your Hair Will Speak Volumes with Tio Nacho Shampoo

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in shampoo | 1 comment

Tio Nacho Shampoo Mexican Herbs14 oz   Herbolaria Mexicana  92373 zoom 150x150 Your Hair Will Speak Volumes with Tio Nacho Shampoo

Tio Nacho Shampoo

Ever wonder how to get healthy hair with a natural shine?  Wonder how to add volume to your hair without using damaging techniques?  Tio Nacho Shampoo is the answer, it nurtures the hair and strengthens each strand.  Tio Nacho also maintains the color of your hair while your hair keeps the volume you desire.

The Tio Nacho Mexican herbs used to make the shampoo are naturally healthy for the hair, and each ingredient provides a very unique nutrient for the hair.  Cacahuananche is a natural herb used to nourish the hair, tomatoes are used to make the hair irresistibly soft and fluffy, jojoba removes all of the oils that the hair naturally accumulates, the perfect amount of royal jelly is used to moisturize the hair; aloe vera is used to strengthen hair and add a natural shine, ginseng extract provides a finishing sheen, rosemary moisturizes the scalp and keeps it from becoming dry, and wheat seeds are very rich in vitamin E antioxidant which provides healthy treatment with every wash.

This shampoo is made in Mexico from the finest combination of herbal ingredients and it promotes healthy hair.  For that natural shine and increased volume, Tio Nacho is one of the best shampoos to use.

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Protect and Heal Skin with Dr. Bell’s Pomade Cream

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Company News | 1 comment

Dr Bells Pomade   Pomada de La Campana 2.6 oz  89892 zoom 150x150 Protect and Heal Skin with Dr. Bells Pomade Cream

Dr. Bell’s Pomade

People live by Dr. Bell’s Cream, it clears many different types of skin issues and it protects the skin from inclement weather.  The texture of the cream reminds you of a petroleum jelly and contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, paraffin, oil sassafras and allantoin.  The combination of these ingredients are harmless and they help with skin discoloration, dry skin, and even skin diseases such as melasma.  Dr. Bell’s pomade

is odorless, therefore it’s desirable after a shower and this is always good because the skin will be completely clean before applying the cream. The pomade cream, better known as pomada de la campana in Mexico is very inexpensive and it works wonders.

This skin cream leaves the skin incredibly smooth, it fades dark spots on the skin to reveal an even tone, it helps nourish dry patches on the skin and it protects the skin from the sun.  The way it leaves skin feeling after it’s been burned, damaged is unbelievable.  Even if all you want to do is keep your skin really smooth, Dr. Bell’s Pomade Cream is amazing.




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Maizena Flavored Beverages Entice the Tastebuds

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Chocolate | 0 comments

maizena chocolate drink mix  71498 zoom 150x150 Maizena Flavored Beverages Entice the Tastebuds

Maizena Chocolate Mix

Whether you need a creamy chocolate beverage or a creamy fruit beverage, Maizena will satisfy the craving.  Chocolate milk is a traditional beverage loved by so many people, the Maizena chocolate milk has a unique creamy taste that can be prepared in a matter of minutes.  It is very common for people to drink more of the chocolate milk around the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays, however it can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Sometimes the chocolate milk is topped off with marshmallows to give it additional sweetness and personality.

Maizena strawberry milk has a smooth creamy taste too, it has the perfect amount of strawberry flavor when mixed it creates the perfect blend of flavor.  Every sip f the maizena strawberry mix tastes like a fresh strawberry dipped in cream.  It is often enjoyed as a quick snack, or dessert.  There is no prime time to drink strawberry milk, but it is rather refreshing after a long hot day.  It can be dressed with marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whipped cream or anything else desired to make your strawberry milk special.

Both of the Maizena mixes can be prepared hot or cold, but the chocolate flavored drink is more common served warm and the strawberry flavored beverage is more commonly served cold.  Although the mixes can be prepared with milk or water, depending on consistency; it is preferred to be prepared with milk for a creamier smooth taste.  Mixing it with water is an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.  Maizena drink mix is a good source of Vitamins A, B1, B3, and B6 along with iron and zinc; you won’t feel so bad serving it to children or drinking it yourself.  Order it today, you’ll always want to keep some around, it’s just that good.

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Harina PAN Venezolana the King of Corn Meal

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Mexican Food | 2 comments

harina pan venezolana 32 ounce 1Webshot  88242 std 150x150 Harina PAN Venezolana the King of Corn Meal

Harina Pan Venezolana

Harina PAN Venezolana is considered by some the king of corn meal because it has been a trusted product in South America for many years.  It is the leading brand because of the incredible quality that can always be depended on.  It is also available in a variety of white and yellow corn meal mix according to individual preference.  This pre cooked cornmeal offers the option to make homemade meals with ease, this product offers the same ingredients and is processed the same way it has been since its existence.

Not only does Harina Pan taste great for authentic meals, it’s healthy too.  It is made with natural ingredients and it is nut free, this is great for those who are allergic to nuts and who suffer from celiac disease.  Because the maize corn meal is pre cooked, it doesn’t have to be sifted or processed which makes cooking a lot easier.

The quality of Harina second to none, and that is why it still remains number one in Venezuela, Columbia and other Latin American countries.

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Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with Religious Candles

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Religious Candles | 1 comment

Religious Candle Our Lady of Guadalupe 133x150 Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with Religious Candles

Our Lady of Guadalupe Candle

Although religious candles may seem to be more of a Catholic denominated practice, they are very beneficial and inspiring during prayer no matter what your religion is.  These candles come in a variety of colors with different Saints on the front or plain.   The colors have different meanings, and so do the saints.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most popular candles in the Latin culture because she is one of the most celebrated Saints.  Another candle that is highly recommended is the Divino Nino Jesus or the Divine Baby Jesus candle as he is a symbol of hope and forgiveness.  The solid candles are very popular too, such as the yellow religious candle which symbolizes inspiration and hope or the white candles which symbolizes purity and peace.

These candles are infused with spiritual healing, once lit the positive energy starts to flow.  This makes praying easier, it allows you to clear your mind while praying.  Moreover, it makes prayer more desired and it’s easier to get into the habit of praying because the positive energy that fills the air will be repeatedly desired.

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