Bar Soaps from Mexico Make Laundry Valuable

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zote pink 14 oz w  44868 zoom 150x150 Bar Soaps from Mexico Make Laundry Valuable

Zote Pink Soap

Amazing scents, powerful cleaners and natural ingredients make bar soaps from Mexico make laundry enjoyable.  The best thing is, they are primarily used for laundry but are also used  for bathing, dishes, to make soap sculptures and more.  Zote pink soap is probably one of the more popular soaps, the color and fresh scent makes laundry alluring.  All of the Zote soap bars are great, they get hard to remove stains out of clothes and they restore the bright colors in clothing.  If there are stains in clothing such as oils, colored stains, grass, dirt and others that seem impossible to remove from clothing; rubbing the bar of soap on the stained area prior to washing removes the stains with no problem.  These bar soaps are excellent for hand washing clothes too, it gives them the personal touch and washing components needed to thoroughly clean garments.

Many people who use the Zote soap find that it works perfect for family members with sensitive skin because of the gentle, natural ingredients.  Zote soaps are made of coconut oil, tallow  which are natural optical brighteners and beef fattening which provides the smooth texture needed to maintain the quality of clothing.  Lirio soap is also a great laundry bar soap, the classic yellow soap has a one of a kind scent that people instantly fall in love with in one use.  Some Lirio soap bars also popular for clearing acne, it kills the bacteria that causes acne to spread.  Although Zote is slightly more popular, Lirio works great on clothes as well.

For best results when washing clothes, the bar soaps are grated/shredded and mixed with a baking or washing soda and used just like any other laundry detergent.  Any of the bar soaps are great to have in the home, they can be used in various ways and the smells and textures are simply irresistible.

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